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The younger, better looking half of the Imperial Cycles duo! George is the shop manager and chief mechanic. He has been in the bike industry for his entire working life, at Richmond Cycles, Prologue, Sheen Service Centre, East Central Cycles and Pearson Cycles.
As a part-time race mechanic, has worked on UCI races in Morocco and France, Premier Calendar and Women’s National and Team Series.
He races road and cross without much success!
Plays the drums with significantly more success.

Rides – Kinesis T2, Cervelo R5, Giant TCX Crosser.


photo of Rich

The obviously older (and wiser?) half of Imperial Cycles, ‘Rich’ oversees the operations – for want of appropriate skills. Son of ex-pro Doug Collins. Long-time road and cyclo-cross racer and lover of all things Italian. Rich is the founder of the Imperial Racing Team and co-organiser of the Imperial Winter Series at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.
Skateboarder – grew up but now doing it again (yeah, a mid-life crisis in full bloom)
Motorcycle trials – boy he was bad at that!
Motorcycle road racing – slightly better at that and even won the odd race but crippled by the cost!
Marathon runner – with little money left after road racing could only afford running shoes.
Triathlon – Great but with three small children had to ‘pick one’ – so it was the cycling of course!
Cycling – Still loving this and did make it to a 2nd cat for a whole season. Represented the Railway UK Cycling Team in Switzerland, Germany, Russia

Rides – De Rosa Merak, Bottecchia Ottavio, Ridley X-Night Crosser, Guerciotti X Crow Crosser, Cinelli single speed, Giant TCR TT, Klein Mantra MTB and Dolan Tandem


photo of Rich

The third and extremely handsome half of the Imperial Cycles team. A lifelong rider whose enthusiasm for all things cycling remains undimmed by the passage of time. I've always had a bike of sorts and happily embrace the many developments in the sport. It just gets better every year. In that spirit, I'm really excited to join George in the Imperial shop on sales and general factotum duties when not riding a bike here and abroad.

Least likely to say.....I'll have a half.
Most likely to say......No I have to go. I'll just have a half.

Rides - Passoni Top Force W, Colnago Master X light, Ridley X-Bow crosser, Raleigh Clubman fixed.

photo of shop dog


Has been supporting the Imperial Winter Series since 2006.

Rides – in the van on a cloud as of 2015 ♥

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